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The mission of the Academy is to build one of the best youth football organizations in Trinidad and Tobago, an organization that will constantly strive to enhance the development of our players both on and off the field while positively impacting our community. We are committed to developing excellence through an all encompassing approach to player development. 

Our Approach 

The Academy will initially offer an expanding programme to all youth players aged 6 - 17. Our goal is to provide an environment where learning is fun. We believe that the most important component needed to produce great players of the future is the establishment of a training environment where technical development is the number one priority. The attributes of agility, balance and co-ordination are also extremely important areas in determining if players progress to the highest level. The great players of today are not only technically advanced but they also possess strength, speed, and the ability to explosively change direction. We intend to incorporate all of these components as part of the overall development of our players. Our approach to technical development will always involve the integration of speed, fast footwork, and quick thinking as it relates to the development of skill and technique. 

Competition in training will be a key component in our approach to developing players. We will always seek to encourage healthy competition. We believe that competition is critical to developing each player's potential. As such, a one hundred percent effort will become characteristic of the way our players practice and play the game. Our players will always be encouraged to give their best and will always be rewarded for doing so. 

Another critical aspect to our approach in developing players will be the constant coaching feedback that all players will receive. Academy players will always be informed about their progress, or in such instances, the need for improvement. We will essentially create an individual benchmark for all of our players that will serve as a measuring tool for both coaches and players. These benchmarks will allow us to determine if substantial progress is being made by both player and coach. Our objective, beyond all others, is to see our players realize their potential.

Lastly, it is our intention to seek, through partnership opportunities, avenues that will allow our players the ability to improve by utilizing experts in areas such as nutritional education, sports psychology and sports science. Over the years, there has been tremendous developments made in these specific areas, and it is our intention to ensure that our Academy players benefit from these advancements. Players today must understand that success on the 'field of play' is not only a combination of work and commitment in training, but it is also heavily contingent on good habits and practices that players adopt away from the training pitch. At the Academy, we recognize the importance of this holistic and all-encompassing approach to player development and as such, we will commit ourselves to ensuring that our players benefit from all advancements made in these areas.  

It is our sincere hope that you will give us the opportunity to assist your player in becoming the best footballer that they can be.  

About Academy Training

At the Academy, we believe that true player development cannot be achieved unless players are training regularly. As such, our INITIAL approach requires that academy players are involved in training, and other football related activities a minimum of 3 times per week.

Parents are asked to give serious consideration to the level of commitment that is required of any player wishing to be part of the academy.

Our aim is to produce great players that posses excellent fundamentals and the work ethic required to achieve their goals. We will seek to ensure that our players are always training with commitment, but are enjoying the experience. 
  • Training sessions take place at the Gulf View Recreation Ground.
  • All players must have sufficient water available at training.
  • Initially, all players must wear black shorts and black socks. Training tops will be provided, all players must wear shin pads.
  • Academy training days are Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays **
  • Training times - 5:00pm - 6:30pm (Mondays and Wednesdays), 9:00am - 10:45am (Saturdays) **
  • Players must ALWAYS be on time for all academy practices, matches, and all other related activities.  
  • The academy will REVOKE the membership of players who are frequently late for training as well as players who have missed training frequently. 
  • All weather related cancellation information will be updated no later than 3:30pm for Monday and Wednesday training, and at 8:15am for Saturday sessions by calling 480- 0572 (Academy Weather Hotline).
  • Public holidays will be observed.
  • Players will have fun!

** Training schedule and times are subject to change.

Registration Information 

There are two (2) required forms which MUST be submitted in order to register with us. The first is a Medical Release Form which should be printed, completed by a parent/guardian and submitted on the first day of training. The second form is the Registration Form which is obtainable at training.

Player's Medical Release Form
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Location: Gulf View, La Romaine
email: anthonysherwoodacademy@gmail.com
Phone:  483-9087

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